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“Forgiveness Does Not Always Lead To A Healed Relationship”

*Not his real name When we recently traveled to Oregon, Fabulous Husband and I dropped in at the local clinic and visited with someone who had an important role in my life at one time. He was in a room with other chemotherapy patients receiving treatment. It had been five years since we last saw […]

September Lancaster County, PA HLA (Hearing Loss of America)

September’s ┬áHLA (Hearing Loss of America) meeting will be Tuesday, September 18 at 10:00 am. EVERYONE is welcome. We use CART, real time captioning. Come join us at Brethren Village Retirement 3001 Lititz, Pike, Lancaster, PA, downstairs in the Fellowship hall. For more information, contact Nancy Kingsley kingsnan@aol.com

Churches and the Hearing Impaired

For many of my peers, coming into deafness late in life is a struggle. I am fortunate, though, because I learned the basics of Sign Language years ago, and I continue to learn today. However, so many older adults never had the opportunity. Learning a foreign language at this stage of life can be incredibly […]