Interpreting as Stewardship

My friend, Stephanie Jo Kent, the researcher who put together the #DEMX test along side FEMA a few years ago asked that I share this information. The date is September 13, so NOW is the time to register:

Interpreting as Stewardship

September 16, 2013 – April 18, 2014

Join Carol-lee Aquiline, Eileen Forestal, Shelly Herbold, Angela Jones, Lewis Merkin, Steph Sforza, Juliann Wasisco and others in a dialogue that aims to change the field of interpreting forever.

Interpreters are called upon to protect the identities and wisdom of every person during intercultural communication.

Communication theory helps us understand how rituals of using interpreters influence intercultural understanding and relationships – or lack thereof.

The concept of stewardship re-orients the task of the interpreter and extends the responsibility for successful communication from the interpreter alone to all of the participants. In this way, interpreting as stewardship is a special practice of intercultural communication specifically geared for social justice and democracy.

This phenomenal conversation about Interpreting as Stewardship begins next week.
I’ve set up a payment plan to give you the option of paying in full ($600, if it is easiest to get it over and done with) or spreading the cost out over the eight months of the Learning Lab ($75/month).
Please note that discounts do not apply if you choose the payment plan. You can earn up to a 25% discount by contributing some “pre-work”:  please read the fine print at
Registration deadline extended until this Friday, September 13.
First, create an account at
Second, follow the instructions to enrol in Interpreting as Stewardship.
Thank you for taking care of this today.
best regards,

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