Be Patient With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Callers

I have a serious pet peeve when it comes to telephone manners. I never noticed this until I lost so much hearing I needed to use a relay system to make telephone calls. There are a couple of different systems out there and each state has its own. I use the Cap Tel relay mobile app for IPhone and Hamilton Cap Tel Relay Service.

The Cap Tel relay system is for people who use their own voice. My phone dials up the relay system and gets a Calling Agent for me who then calls the person I want to reach. When the person answers the phone, there is a pause on THEIR end of the phone while the Calling Agent types to me the phone has been answered, what was said, and whether it is male or female. This takes a few moments while they type the information to me and I read the captions.

The only problem I have is that people expect someone to start speaking right away, and when there is a pause, they hang up. When calling back, they get frustrated and short and sometimes don’t answer after that.

I can no longer access automated answering systems because the delay causes the systems to think no one is there. They only allow a few seconds, then automatically hang up on us. Ironically,  phone companies are the worst with their automated systems. They are totally inaccessible.

I love my Cap Tel app. There are still problems I’ve not worked out as yet. I don’t catch incoming calls, and I can’t access my voice mail. I tell people who have my number not to leave a message. In fact, just email me and I’ll call you. That way they know I’m calling and expect the delay while the Calling Agent sets up the call.

Next time your phone rings and no one speaks right away, don’t assume it’s a prank call or worse, a breather on the line. Be patient and see if it is a genuine call from someone who just has to use the phone a little differently from you. Someday, you may be the one depending on this kind of phone and calling service. Besides all that, it is just good manners to be patient with your callers and allow them the extra moment.


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