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Naida Processor Seminars

I received an email from Elizabeth (Beth Anne) regarding the Naida Processor. Advanced Bionics are doing a tour with seminar around the country the next few months sharing information and showing us the latest in Cochlear Implant technology. I registered for the seminar coming to Philadelphia. If you would like to learn more, register and […]

Princess Diana, Patron of the British Deaf Association

This video was posted by Alison Barney on Facebook’s Signing Time Academy Instructors page. I never knew this about Princess Diana. This is captioned and signed in BSL: This video was posted by Alison Barney on Facebook’s Signing Time Academy Instructors page. I never knew this about Princess Diana. This is captioned and signed in […]

The Story of Speak2See by Dr. Dahlberg

One of the things I love about Twitter is how we find and connect with people and organizations, thereby becoming informed of things we never would have learned about otherwise. I would like to introduce you to Dr. Connor Dahlberg, the creator of the GREAT app, Speak2See. I asked Dr. Dahlberg if he would write a guest […]

Social Media in Times of Crisis

Today’s post can be found over at #Strella Social Media. In honor of Deaf Awareness Week, Rachel Strella asked if I would write a guest post. Hop on over and take a peek: Help spread the word!

Recognising a Deaf Customer (Deaf Awareness Week, 2013)

Deaf Awareness week begins next Monday, September 22nd. This post over at SunZu is one of the best I’ve read regarding tips how to spot a deaf customer. He simply states what everyone can do to improve customer service. Spencer Clark explains why everyone needs to be “deaf aware”, the different types of deafness, how deaf people might […]

Xpressive Handz Featured Among Wonderful Bloggers and Writers

The Healthy Hearing website is our “hearing aid information source”. This page gets over 1 million visits a year by people looking for either an ear doctor, or information about hearing aids. Healthy Hearing dedicated the month of September for bloggers from  the hearing loss community, as well as authors who have written books about […]

Pyrates at the Faire!

My daughter flew out from the Oregon Coast for a visit. Of course the first thing on our “to do list” was to spend a day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which is about 20 minutes or so from our home. Miguel of Don Juan and Miguel The weekend’s theme was “Pyrate Invasion”. As we neared the grounds, […]

HLAA-Lancaster Meeting September 17, 2013

The next meeting for the Hearing Loss of Association of America, the Lancaster, PA chapter is Tuesday, September 17th. The topic is: Treatment for Vertigo (Dizziness)   Presented by Kim Harris, Clinic Director The Rehab Center,  Honey Brook, PA Everyone is welcome! Come join us next Tuesday morning at 10:00. CART IS PROVIDED LOCATION: Village […]

Remembrance and Healing 9.11

Let us not only remember, but let us continue to heal.

Interpreting as Stewardship

My friend, Stephanie Jo Kent, the researcher who put together the #DEMX test along side FEMA a few years ago asked that I share this information. The date is September 13, so NOW is the time to register: Interpreting as Stewardship September 16, 2013 – April 18, 2014 Join Carol-lee Aquiline, Eileen Forestal, Shelly Herbold, Angela Jones, […]