ATTN: Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, PA areas: ASL Classes

WSEFC  American Sign Language class schedule for Fall 2013

Beginner 1

Students will learn sign vocabulary, practice signing with classmates, and discuss various deaf culture issues.  Students will be ready to converse with members of the signing community by the end of the Beginner 2.

Class time: Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm; Sept 11 – Nov 13

Instructor: Brenda Klinedinst

Location: Room 108

Book required (used for Beginner 1 & 2): Signing Illustrated, by Mickey Flodin (ISBN: 9780399530418). This book should be purchased in advance of the first night of class.
Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1 is also designed for students with little or no knowledge of American Sign Language.  Students who do have some experience should find that this course complements that experience.  The class will be conducted with no voice, to allow for maximum learning of ASL both receptively and expressively.

Intermediate 1 is suitable for those in the community taking ASL for recreation, for those serious about learning ASL, and for homeschoolers taking ASL for a humanities or foreign language credit.

Course Objectives:

Be able to introduce oneself, ask questions, make requests, and respond.

Be able to discuss simple conversational topics in past, present, and future.

Be able to conduct oneself appropriately culturally in a signing environment.

Develop an appreciation for Deaf culture.

Class time: Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm; Sept 11-Nov 13

Location: Room 235

Instructor: Jenice Wolgemuth, CI, CT, ASLTA:Qualified

Book:  A Basic Course in American Sign Language by Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, and Terrence J. O’Rourke; T.J. Publishers; any edition. This book should be purchased in advance of the first night of class.

Kid’s sign class

Kids, a sign class just for you!  This 6-week class is designed for you to learn lots of signs, including the alphabet and numbers, as well as conversational phrases. We’ll also sing and sign songs, sign Bible verses, play games, and watch a video (rated G).  Book is included.

This class is limited to 12 students.   We will also keep a waiting list for extra students who are interested.  If we have enough interest, we hope to offer a 15 week class for Spring 2014.  

Parents are encouraged to stay (free!).

Class time: Wednesday, 6-7pm Sept 18 – Oct 23

Location: Room 235

Instructor: Jenice Wolgemuth

We expect to be offering Beginner 2, Intermediate 2, and perhaps another kid’s class for Spring 2014.  We may also offer an Intermediate 3 class for Spring 2014 if there is enough interest. 

Please register by Sept 6, at deafkonnect@gmail.comor call 717-795-8170

A $10.00 offering is requested.

West Shore Evangelical Free Church

   1345 Williams Grove Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055




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