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My Thoughts Regarding ” Deanne Bray’s Rude Awakening”

I saw this video posted on BitcoDavid’s blog. Beautifully signed in ASL and captioned, everyone should share this message. It should be shown in schools, women’s groups and men’s groups and discussed. This is the most excellent video I’ve ever seen regarding this topic. More women and girls are murdered by this nefarious evil EACH YEAR […]

This Coastal Cottage is Deaf Friendly

Today’s post is loaded with photos. With summer, comes vacation, and have I got the best place for either a romantic getaway, or a family getaway!  I share the highlights of one of my favorite places.   Hop over to and enjoy the view.

UK: ASL Around the World

This week, Rebecca Slone, the owner of  Over the Rainbow Sign Academy in Lakenheath/Mildenhall AE United Kingdom is our guest writer. Rebecca shares with us how signing not only helps babies and parents communicate, but also how signing can unite multi-lingual families together.    When I was in college, I spent two weeks on a student […]

“Stop Hearing Loss Bullying”

In honor of “Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Week”, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities respectfully request that you take a peek at this short video. Read more and discuss at Lipreading Mom’s (author/speaker Shanna Groves)  page: Take the pledge and stand with us.

Webinar for New Clarity/Plantronics Fortissimo Phone

I am passing this information along for all who are interested: Pennsylvania’s Telecommunication Distribution Program (TDDP) Is proud to present a unique training opportunity on the Clarity Fortissimo Phone, added to the TDDP in March 2013.   Jonathan Gray from Clarity/Plantronics will be conducting a webinar to help us discover more about this new telephone for […]

Statistics and 2 Important Videos Regarding the “Hidden” Among Us Deafness and Hearing Loss

I chose these two videos today because they explain the different communication needs for people with deafness and hearing loss. The statistics that were shared at the recent “Working Together” event in Harrisburg, PA are very eye opening. We still have a lot of work advocating and educating others of the various needs we have […]

“Soaring Spirits International Celebrates 5 Years at Camp Widow West”

I first heard about this wonderful organization on Twitter in a mention by @BrendaLeeFree. When I first started following Brenda a few years ago on Twitter and her blog at, she was a widow. Life has changed for Brenda since then. She is of late a brand new bride, happily remarried. Though she is remarried, she […]

Spain: ASL Around the World

I want to introduce you to Angela Johnson of Madrid, Spain. Angela is an amazing teacher, who is also an instructor with Signing Time Academy.  This is Angela demonstrating the ASL sign for “teacher”     Thank you, Angela, for sharing your story and the impact Sign Language has not only with communication, but education, as well. […]

Why Hospitals and Medical Centers Need Interpreters & CART

Many of you know that when I was in the hospital for my surgery last fall, I was not given an interpreter even though I had asked for one. They figured because I was speaking with my husband, I wasn’t as deaf as I am. That’s a common problem with people who become deaf later […]

Happy Mother’s Day (A Loving Tribute)

A mother’s love changed the world. I love this tribute by Leah Coleman for her mother Rachel of Signing Time <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Happy Mother’s Day to Mothers Everywhere