RSS Feeds,100,000 Blog Hits and A Word of Thanks

RSS feeds will be going away, along with Google Reader. If you wish to continue to follow this blog by Xpressive Handz, you can “subscribe by email”. The link is on the column to your right. Just scroll until you see it between the banners of “AllTop” and “Search this Blog”.

I also want to take a moment to than YOU, Readers and Vistors. As of April 21, 2013, Xpressive Handz has had over 100,000 hits from nearly 50 different countries. This is due to many of you sharing the post by email, Twitter, FaceBook as well as sites like  and featuring our posts.

I also want to thank e-dailys and e-zines which feature Xpressive Handz.

Rashed Al-Foudary shares this blog on Silent World daily. He also writes his own blog with his experience of deafness at

Varsha P. Joshi has added us to Decibles dBs, and shares the story of her daughter and CI (Cochlear Implant) journey at

I especially want to thank all those in the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and the Hearing Impaired communities for being such a wonderful group of supporters and readers. I love reading the posts and stories you write. We’ve become a strong online presence, educating and helping not only ourselves and each other, but also the hearing communities around the world.

Together we have become “International Deaf Bloggers”, “International Hard of Hearing Bloggers” and “International Hearing Impaired Bloggers”. We have become a global voice on the  educating and bringing positive changes to the world by sharing our issues and communication needs. Thank you for allowing me to be participant.


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