Seeking Deaf or Fluent ASL Reiki Master

Today’s post is a request from someone learning Reiki who wants to share Reiki with the deaf and hard of hearing. They eventually would teach Reiki to the deaf in their community. If you are interested in helping, just leave a comment below.


I am looking for information from Master Level Reiki III who is either Deaf or fluent ASL. I have taken the Reiki Levels 1 and 11 classes from a wonderful Master III teacher who is hearing. She put me in front of her, and made sure I was getting the information I needed. Each class was very small, and each person in class made sure I was included in the conversation as well as letting me know what was being said when I was not looking in their direction. They were very kind and accommodating.

 I did not request an interpreter for my classes, but relied on a lip reading as well as followed along with the printed materials provided. I honor the tradition through which the Mikao Usui Reiki has been taught. With this honor comes the responsibility of keeping the sacred sacred, thereby including an interpreter or a captioner did not feel appropriate.

To keep that which is sacred between Masters and students, I feel I need to find a Deaf or ASL fluent Reiki Master to help mentor me with the phrases and signs  and other things that I need to know in my own practice. Besides working with Deaf clients who will come to me for sessions, I also eventually want to come to that  place in Level III whereby I can teach Deaf students interested in becoming Reiki Masters. I feel my mission is to bring Reiki to my local community, so they may continue and carry the teachings to other Deaf.

If you are a Reiki Level III Master, or you are a Level III fluent in ASL, please leave a comment below for Xpressive Handz. The information you leave will be moderated by her and kept private.  Namaste’


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