Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message

I recently received an email from Allison Morris of  who designed the graphics below regarding the importance of body language (  ). She had read a previous post of mine  regarding nonverbal communication (you can read that here: )

The perspective Allison and her colleagues share is somewhat different from what we tend to think. Often, we who are deaf and hard of hearing are the ones studying body language and facial expressions of those around us. But… what about the nonverbal signs we give? I never gave this much thought.

Below are some VERY helpful tips regarding how to “Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message”. The situation these excellent tips are given are in regard to job interviews.

The only thing I would change is “unless you are a deaf or hard of hearing person” in the “Don’t do this: stare at the person”. We who use our eyes to read lips and expressions are exempt from this rule, of course. Allison told me that this was a good point.

I had no idea that only 11% of our perception come from our ears, compared to a whopping 82% from our eyes. I thought the ears would contribute much more than that. This is interesting to know.

For those of us looking for employment, these tips can be a great tool helping us through just about any interview.

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic Body Language Infographic

Check out their page:


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