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How to Bully-Proof Your Preschooler: 6 Essential ASL Signs

Linda Easton, the Director of Marketing for Two Little Hands Productions (the creators of Signing Time)  put together a FABULOUS article “How To Bully-Proof Your Preschooler”. It is packed with excellent information and tips for parents of young children. Parents everywhere are discovering that by giving their young children the ability to communicate through Sign […]

Say What You Mean: Using Body Language to Send a Message

I recently received an email from Allison Morris of  who designed the graphics below regarding the importance of body language (  ). She had read a previous post of mine  regarding nonverbal communication (you can read that here: ) The perspective Allison and her colleagues share is somewhat different from what we tend to think. Often, we […]

New “willUstand” Music Video with some ASL and Captions

This duet is sung by siblings Charleigh and Justin Gere. Their mother, Heather invited young people from all over to take part in this moving music video calling us to action and to “stand”. There are ASL signers incorporated into parts of the video. Heather also took the time to add the captions. Hop over and […]

How To Sign “I Love You” In 20 Different Languages

My friend Carol posted this video on FaceBook. David Lawson demonstrates 20 ways to sign “I love you” in 20 different languages.Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to learn more signs of love.

“Happy Birthday” Two ASL Birthday Songs

I am amazed how many of my friends have birthdays this month! I thought this a perfect time to post this song by Rachel Coleman of Signing Time, and also share Daniel Green’s traditional “Happy Birthday” showing a few variations of the sign for  “birthday”.

“We Are Deaf”

Allison Schely, author of “Forever Friends” shared this link on her FaceBook page this week. I love that “No Barriers” is now captioning their videos so those who hear, but don’t know ASL can have access to what the episodes are all about. Here is a short clip of deaf people from around the world. “No Barriers” is a culturally rich […]

“Spirit of Love” A Movie About A Signing Coach

I saw a tweet on Twitter by @aslmyheart and had to check it out the link she posted. I love all the info and stories people share on Twitter. This is a film, based on a true story is  about a deaf basketball team and a coach who signs, Mike “Stinger” Glenn. I’m looking forward […]

Valentine’s Day Signs

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is almost here. Here is Rachel Coleman from Signing Time to show us a few Valentine signs. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>