Sonic Bomb Jr. Alarm Clock

“… for the deepest sleepers, extra loud vibrating alarm clock with pulsating light.”

Fabulous Husband found the perfect alarm clock for someone deaf like me. I love that it has a battery back up for when there is no electricity. I love that this makes it portable, too.

I used to have the big old fashioned clunky brass alarm clock with 2 bells to wake me up. I don’t remember how it broke or what happened to it, but I’ve not found a replacement for it, though I’ve been looking for one for years. I’m pretty sure it woke the whole neighborhood, it was that great.

My Iphone has a vibrating feature for the alarm, but it just hasn’t been enough to wake me. The other day, I woke up about 5 minutes past the time it first went off. Fabulous Husband looked around and found this wonderful clock.

It has a long cord to the vibrating mechanism that goes under the pillow. Even if it ends up somewhere else in bed, it is enough to wake just about anyone.

If you or someone you love has trouble waking up and haven’t found the right clock yet, I suggest you try one of these. I think it’s about one of the neatest gadgets we’ve found yet. I love that it has the battery backup.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&biw=1366&bih=659&sa=X&ei=Ly_uULaCI-i_0QG1g4DwCw&ved=0CHIQ8wIwAQ

I never have to worry about not noticing the alarm again!


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