Unwelcomed Entry

We have a note on our door for the postal service or other delivery people that I don’t hear the doorbell and to simply leave the item. Everyone who reads that knows that I’m not going to be answering the door.

The office and maintenance crew where we live also know that I am deaf. They often leave flyers when they have to come around to change filters etc. My husband had arranged it so that they would call him first, then he would text me and let me know what time they will be here. At least, that was how it used to work.

Recently, however, it didn’t happen that way. When I woke up from my nap, the hall lights were on. I didn’t turn them on. The door to the garage was unlocked. I locked it behind me when I came in from taking our son to school. I opened the front door and found one of the maintenance crew standing outside the apartment across from us. He turned and said, “We’ve already been over.”

He had come into the house with the exterminator while I was home..alone..and asleep.

I closed the door and came upstairs to text Fabulous Husband. I was furious, and creeped out. I’m still feeling that way.

Hearing people have the advantage of not only hearing someone knocking or ringing the doorbell, but also doors opening and closing. Those of us with hearing loss or deafness don’t have this capability. We are vulnerable. I no longer feel safe or comfortable in my home. My sacred space has been invaded, and it’s going to take me some time to feel safe again.

Has anything like this happened to you? Did you end up moving, or staying?


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