Creations by Xpressive Handz – Exotic Textures and How To Sign “Scarf”

*There is a demonstration how to sign “scarf” below the photos

I almost titled this post “What I Did for Winter Vacation”.  Winter projects have been my main focus. Here’s a peek of what my xpressive handz have been fashioning, crafting, crocheting. I use many different textures, but if I had my way, they would all be from alpaca yarns spun and dyed right here in Pennsylvania, as some of these are.I am quite fond of exotic textures. I used a few different patterns and stitches. There is no end to the variety of fashion when it comes crocheted scarves. I’ll be learning to knit a few different patters at Lancaster Yarn Shop this coming new year. They have free classes every Tuesday. Look them up and come join the Fun. Wendy is a fabulous teacher:

Fabulous Husband took some photos of my wares:

* Here is a demonstration how to sign “scarf” by SLDictionary:


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