I received an email from Lauren E. Storck, founder of   Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning. She has an innovative program to bring clients and caption providers together for events where captions are necessary and beneficial for deaf and hearing impaired persons. Take a look at their new site. Be sure to check out the film “Don’t Leave Me Out” at the bottom of this post.


Where Captioners Meet Customers

Dear Friends of Captioning Inclusion,

If you use captioning of any sort, or want to, I’m pleased to announce that a new service is ready to take your captioning requests online. It’s called CaptionMatch. As a user of broadcast captioning of any sort (television, Internet, radio) or real time captioning (CART, STTR, Palantype, Velotype), you may have a current request, or one coming up in the near future.

We are inviting you to join in the launch and testing of the system, to register and place a captioning request of any sort. The service is free and always will be for users of captioning.

CaptionMatch is simply a matching service. Some might refer to it as a clearinghouse. It’s not a captioning company. It’s an online matching or referral system that has two main aims:

  • To make it easier for anyone to ask for captioning anytime.
  1. To help captioning providers spread their services and knowledge to more people, whether they have extra time available to earn more or whether they need help on a captioning project.

The service is easy to use. First, go to and register on the site (as noted, it’s free). Click on the box for “Free Registration.” Your registration takes a day or less to be processed, and you’ll get an email when it’s approved. Then go back to the site to fill out and submit a captioning request form.

When a captioning provider (who is registered) sees a request, they can send a proposal (a bid for the job or to ask questions) via CaptionMatch to preserve your anonymity. You may receive a bid from more than one provider. If a “match” is made between you (user) and any provider, then the provider pays a small fee to the service. The consumer pays nothing to use the service. Consumers and providers make their own arrangements as to captioning services and pricing

We hope you try it soon. It’s always good to plan in advance! Meanwhile, feel free to send any questions to

Warm wishes,

Lauren E. Storck for the CaptionMatch Team



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