“Why Great Sign Language Interpreters Are So Animated” by Arika Okrent

There is an excellent article over at The Atlantic http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/11/why-great-sign-language-interpreters-are-so-animated/264459/ by Arika Okrent, linguist and author.

People so often misunderstand the importance of facial expressions and body placement when it comes to the language of ASL. I remember one comment here on my blog in reference to an ASL video where the person had the impression that the signer was angry and looking for a fight. So often people mistake passion, emphatic expression as anger.

Perhaps we can all use some ASL classes and learn more about our third most used language in America…it is American Sign Language, after all.

Thoroughly heck out that fabulous article by Arika Okrent. There are photos there breaking down the meaning of the message so excellently interpreted by Ms. Lydia Callis.


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