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willUstand Is Searching For Youth To Add Sign Language to a Music Video

I received a tweet from Heather Gere a few days ago looking for young people to add their Sign Language “voices” to a new video promoting bullying prevention. “We would just love to include some footage of youth signing along to the lyrics.”  I offered Heather an opportunity to guest post today in hopes to help her with […]

A Funny Little Something for My Friends with Service Dogs: Or Anyone Who has Cats or Dogs

I saw this posted by my friend Ken over on FaceBook. It is visual, it is captioned, it is gross, true and absolutely hysterical. “If Humans Acted Like Cats and Dogs”

“You and I and the Difference” by Michelle

If you saw yesterday’s post from Michelle “At the Speed of Life”,   you will want to read part 2. She continues with “You and I and the Difference”. Michelle aptly describes the difference of life situations that differ between a deaf or hard of hearing person and a hearing person. The one difference that tugged at […]

“Explaining Hearing Loss”

I just read a fabulous post by Michelle who blogs “At the Speed of Life”. She has been asked, as so many of us who are deaf, or no longer hear well as we used to, “What is it like … ”   Go have a read. She’s quite poetic and often writes from a […]

Need Captions? Try CaptionMatch!

I registered with CaptionMatch a few days ago and put in a request to have Keith Wann’s ASL online radio show captioned. His guest was  Linda Fiore Sanders, co-author of “Turn A Deaf Ear” As soon as the that transcrip is available, I will post it here for you.   Here is the recent press release from CaptionMatch. They […]

An Added Feature to My Blogspot Page for My Readers

I saw a tweet by my friend Tracy over on Twitter. She is modifying her Confessions of A DeafBlind Mother ( to be more friendly for her blind and visually impaired readers. She posted a link for two codes to add a widget that allows the reader to choose the text size easiest for them to read. […]

Happy Thanksgiving

                  This pretty much sums up what I am thankful for this season. May you have many blessings to be thankful for as well. .


I received this Tweet over on Twitter from @willUstand: We’re creating a crowdsourced music video 4 antibullying song. Looking 4 clips of youth signing chorus  This is a campaign for young people to stand together against bullying. Perhaps YOU or someone you know can help them find the group of signers they are looking for. […]

“Firework” and ASL Interpretation

Here is a “feel good” video to start the week off.  lankylistman has a few excellent videos, this is one of them. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Check out lankylistman’s site here:

A Couple of Thanksgiving Signs (ASL)

Here is a link to Rachel Coleman of Signing Time demonstrating a couple of Thanksgiving signs.;playnext=1&amp;list=PLC56BB3E3867AF0DB&amp;feature=results_video Have a lovely Thanksgiving