Engage – Interesting New Social App for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

My friend, Stephanie Jo Kent (check out some of her research work from November’s #DEMX 2011 here  http://www.reflexivity.us/wp/?s=demx  asked me if I had heard of this new App, Engage. It is supposed to link the Deaf and Hard of Hearing up with events and activities wherever we may live. I downloaded the app, but it wouldn’t work unless I fill in all the fields regarding my personal information. Because someone close to me works for the Office of Attorney General often warns me not to give out too much information on online forms such as this one, I am hesitatnt to provide such information, or open email from unfamiliar people. As I looked at the fields that required input befor the app would work, it had the appearance of behing very “phishy”. I would think it would be a great app if the more “personal” information could be bypassed when signing up. The idea of this app is fantastic, otherwise.  What do you think?



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