This week, I met with Susan, Craig and Becky as we went over the technical details providing CART for our  presentation “Working With A Disability” which was scheduled for next week. (see original post about that here: Presentation At Lancaster Public Library with CART Services)

As we began setting up and testing the technical gadgets, some very exciting discoveries were mentioned how we could take this program to a whole new level. We all agreed that we would prefer to postpone the presentation until a later date when we can implement the “more robust program” Craig and Becky have in mind. I love technology and its innovative advances more with each passing day.

Check the library’s website and watch for the rescheduled date,,

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Library postponement announcement

In order to create a more robust program, we are postponing this program and hope to re-offer it in February.
Susan Schaffer and Joyce Edmiston present this disability awareness program covering auditory and mobility issues. Susan and Joyce both have experience in dealing with these challenges on a personal level, and bring with them a rich history of educating others. Issues covered in this program include challenges faced by those with disability, attitudes of the general population, and a background on the entire disability movement. (Bates Auditorium)
Please pay all outstanding library fines before attending library programs.

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