A Few of My Favorite “International” Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bloggers and Writers

What would International Deaf Awareness Week be without introducing some of my favorite “international” bloggers and writers? Here are 5 deaf  or hard of  hearing websites I visit regularly that are outside of the U.S. If you would like to add your favorite “international” blogger, writer or website please leave your list in the comment for a little “shout out” their way. Just keep it deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing loss related, and they must be from a country other than yours. Our online community is supportive, global, strong and growing. Let’s spread some “shares” around and make some new connections. By the way, I have other favorites, but I randomly chose these and posted them in alphabetical order.

Charlie Swinbourne, UK: The Limping Chicken

Deafinitely Girlie, UK:  http://www.deafinitelygirly.com/

Elizabeth Fisher, UK: http://lizsdeafblog.blogspot.com/

Rashed Al-Foudary, Kuwait:  “Silent World” http://paper.li/foudary/1314109118

Varsha P. Joshi, India: http://paper.li/VanditaCanHear/1306090521

Where are some of your favorite “foreign” deaf or hard of hearing bloggers and writers posting from?


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