Going to the Cinema? There’s An App for That


I love discovering new apps that help people continue to be involved with society. Many people will quit going to the theater when they no longer hear well. Why pay money to go see a movie you can’t follow because you can’t hear it? In some parts of the U. S., there are actually movie theaters that have captions, or English subtitles along the bottom of the screen. With the new smart phones, we now have some pretty smart apps. For a list of Movie theaters that show open captioned films and their times, check the link below. (A shout out to Dustin Conrad for directing me to this website).
I accidentally stumbled upon an app simply called “Subtitles”. It has the subtitles for new and old movies. I love this! Go to the App Store on  your phone, search “Subtitles” and there it is. Download it and follow the directions. Of course, not every movie is subtitled, yet, but it’s nice to know this is being worked on and people can once again go to the movies and be out around people. It’s also FREE.
According to the description written about the app, “You’ll be able to access the subtitles of the very latest cinema releases, as well as those for older movies.” There are also 20 language translations available. Check out the link below and see for  yourself.
The Company is Daniel Walker    http://subtitles.structure6.com

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