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Closed Captions May Help Improve Reading Skills

When my daughter was in school and living at home, her friends quickly found that watching TV at our house was a little different from what they were used to. I had very tall speakers set up on each side of my chair so I could turn the sound up very loud to hear. Back […]


This week, I met with Susan, Craig and Becky as we went over the technical details providing CART for our  presentation “Working With A Disability” which was scheduled for next week. (see original post about that here: Presentation At Lancaster Public Library with CART Services) As we began setting up and testing the technical gadgets, some […]

A Few of My Favorite “International” Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bloggers and Writers

What would International Deaf Awareness Week be without introducing some of my favorite “international” bloggers and writers? Here are 5 deaf  or hard of  hearing websites I visit regularly that are outside of the U.S. If you would like to add your favorite “international” blogger, writer or website please leave your list in the comment […]

“The Rupture Sometimes”

I saw this fascinating video posted on FaceBook by CCAC Captioning ( @CCACaptioning on Twitter ).  It is about 30 minutes in length, but well worth taking the time to view. It is captioned. This excellent film addresses some of the misconceptions we have toward disabilities and how we tend to generalize them. I like […]

In Honor of International Deaf Awareness Week, September 23-29, 2012

(International Deaf Awareness Week is recognized each year the last week of September.) The Value of Your Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Hearing Impaired Communities   When my hearing was worsening in the 1980’s, I took some Sign Language classes at the local college. While I found comfort in knowing that I was being pro-active with […]

Back to School and the Sign for “Smart”

I am planning to continue my college education starting in January. I lost such a huge degree of my hearing when I got sick while attending school decades ago, I could no longer function in class. We did not have the technology we do today, nor the resources for deaf people back then where I […]

She Turned the Tables…..

Regular visitors to my blog are familiar with my friend Amy, a motivational speaker, author, life coach and teacher. I’ve often featured her projects and posts here with you. Last week, Amy turned the tables on me and asked me some interesting questions for her “Thriving Spotlight” series over at It is such an honor […]

Presentation at Lancaster Public Library With CART Services

My friend Laura introduced me to Susan a few months back. She suggested that because Susan and I are passionate about advocating for people with disabilities and bringing awareness to the general public, we would find something in common. Susan was kind enough to invite me to join her with an upcoming event at the […]

Ukrainian “QuadSquad” Invents “Enable Talk” – An Assistive Device for Sign Language Users

My friend Ken over at sent me this incredibly interesting futuristic “interpretative” glove. I find this amazing. According to this article, the Smart Glove: Voice Recognition for Sign Language users called “Enable Talk” invented by a Ukrainian team “QuadSquad” may revolutionize the way the deaf communicate with people outside of the signing culture. The price tag on […]

I’m Sorry, Could You Repeat That, Please?

I’ve struggled with learning to read lips as I continue to lose my hearing. However, lately, I’m finding I’m not reading lips as well either, and it’s getting frustrating. Not just for me but for others. It’s frustrating for people to have to keep repeating something I’m having difficulty hearing or trying to figure out. […]